Saene-Esmée Heidenrijk, is a Dutch Kids Photographer, graduated at the Fine Art Academy Maastricht Photography.

Member of the Dutch Photographers Association for Professional Photographers in The Netherlands.  

In 2015 she opened her Photostudio in Maastricht and soon after (in 2017) her focus became Childrens Fashion and Personal Art Projects.

Clients she worked with are, Koko Noko Kids, Dirkje, Ammehoela kids, DJ Dutch Jeans, Lentigini Swimwear, Green Tom, Mini Ian, All Gems etc. 

In 2019 she won multiple Awards with two of her Photo Series. 

2nd Place winner in The Tokyo International Photography Awards with 'Unkown Garden'. And 2nd Place winner in the Neutral Density Awards with 'Dream a little Dream'.  

Within her Personal work she always distinctively tries to show some of her dreamy vision and the serenity of a child with a nostalgic look at childhood.

She is drawn into fairy tales and the magic that comes from childhood dreams. 



Maastricht  The Netherlands

Los Angeles - United States