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A Tribute to Childhood Dreams:

A Unique Portrait series created at Castles in the Netherlands, 

based on Children's visions of what they Dream of becoming when they grow up. The portraits show a kids vision were anything is possible.


Children grow up with fairytales and a wild imagination. They see things through different glasses.

Through research of what they want to become one day if anything would be possible, they gave me answers that adults would never think of. Children get their inspiration out of fairytales, stories and tv shows and they truly believe in living without limitations towards the future. 

A world with no restrictions, no rules, just fun. They love to do whatever they want and breaking habits and traditions. 

It reminded me of how hopeful we all ones were and how we need to go back to our inner child more, to find out what really makes us happier. Dream our little dreams again and make the world a place of hopes and joy. 

foto 2-2.jpg

Dream a little Dream


Year of production: 2011

Exhibition: July 2011 SAM Decor Fabriek


2nd Place: People - Children

Neutral Density Awards 2019

NOMINEE: Portrait 
Fine Art Photography Awards 2020

This is a series about our Beautiful mixed Unknown Garden. Do we let them bloom naturally?


A Garden full of diverse mixed cultures where more and more fall outside of Traditional understandings.

All girls are mixed raced children (also of mixed race parents), growing up within different cultural backgrounds.

These kids feel happy to grow up within different worlds. History shows that this wasn't always easy.

Why did the outside world create an environment were some kids seems to battle Racial Imposter Syndrome?

The Future is growing towards an Unknown Garden and Evolution will never stop creating Beautiful New Beings because Nature is stronger than human Glass Raised Crop.



Unknown Garden


Year of production: 2018-2019

Exhibition: Tokyo, March 22-26 2020



2nd Place Winner:  People         

Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019 


Gold Winner:  People - Portrait                      

Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019

Honorable Mention: People - Children

International Photography Awards 2019

Honorable Mention: People - Children       

Neutral Density Awards 2019

NOMINEE: Portrait 

Fine Art Photography Awards 2020

We are Shocked

We are Mad

We should be One

This makes us Sad

Why do they Fight

A cry for Love

This is not Right

This is not Just

Change the World you're leaving for us!

I started this project to stand with Black Lives Matter. After weeks of heavy emotions, strikes and fighting for equality World Wide its been silent. We're not done..we still need changes! Unfortunately this still needs attention so we can keep our families and friends save and let our kids grow up in a world without hate and bigotry. 



A Cry for Love

(Black Lives Matter)


Year of production: 2020

Exhibition: upcoming


Bronze Winner:  "Hope" People - Portrait                

Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

Honorable Mention:  People - Children                 Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

Honorable Mention:   Portrait               

Annual Photography Awards 2020

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